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How to Sell Your Home for More Money…and Sell it Faster!

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For Sale By Owner Guide

In the process of selling, you will spend an incredible amount of time holding shows for potential buyers. Unfortunately, many are not interested in buying your home. This wastes a lot of your time. The average home showing process takes 3-4 hours.

Most owners show their home at least 8-10 times before making a sale. In some cases, it takes over 30 showings to find the right buyer! The average owner spends 24-40 hours of his or her life showing their home. It can easily take 80-120 hours to complete the process. Many homeowners will jump at the chance to show their home to anyone and everyone. When a buyer calls, they drop everything. This reactive approach is a big reason why it takes them anywhere from 8-30 showings to find the right buyer. The process will consume your life.

In the beginning, you may take the showings in stride, but over time, the stress begins to build. Not just on you. Repeated showings are stressful on your entire family. It gets worse as casual buyers continue strolling through, consuming your time, and walking away undecided. Preparing for a home showing is a highly stressful routine.

Do you have children? Pets? Showings cause chaos in their lives! Kids are rushed off to a friend’s house or perhaps whisked away to the park. Toddlers are parked in a playpen so you can begin the hurried cleaning process. Pets must be corralled.

Maybe your pet gets locked in a crate. Sent to the basement. Or tied up in the yard. If you have a dog, he can’t run around during the showing. He can’t even run around while you clean house. That means poor pooch is cooped up for hours every time a buyer wants to stop by. Children and pets do not like chaos. It is stressful on them. They might start misbehaving or need extra attention to counter the stress. At the same time, the house needs to be spotless from top to bottom. This is stressful on the parents. Someone has to rush around frantically cleaning and organizing every time a buyer calls. Chances are you are going through all this stress to prepare for someone who was never serious about buying in the first place!

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Table of Contents:

  1. How to Sell Your Home for More Money and Sell it Faster
  2. Rule of Life Shows Why Some FSBOs Sell and Others Don’t
  3. Violate this Home Selling Rule and Lose Money
  4. High-End Tactics to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar
  5. Does Clutter Matter?
  6. Bet Buyers Off the Fence in 8 Seconds
  7. Details to Look At
  8. Tactics for More Showings and More Money
  9. If a Billionaire Sold for Sale by Owner
  10. Why Most FSBOs Screw Up Negotiations
  11. Advanced Negotiating Tactics
  12. The Crucial Point that Sellers Can’t Afford to Miss
  13. The Easiest Way to Lose $36,000 on Your Home Sale
  14. Five Reasons Homes Don’t Sell
  15. Preparing to Market
  16. All You Need to Know to Show Your Home
  17. How to Close Effectively
  18. Once You’ve Sold Your Home
  19. What Has to be Disclosed When Selling a Home
  20. Hire a Real Estate Agent or Not?

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