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Home Buyers Red Flag Checklist

A red flag is anything that a reasonable person would consider to be a possible issue, past or present. Some examples of red flags are:

  • Cracks in drywall or stucco
  • Water stains on the ceiling
  • Water stains anywhere
  • A moldy or mildew-like odor in the property
  • A multitude of pest control items
  • An unkempt or discolored pool
  • Obvious recent correction of a leak, crack, or stain
  • Casual conversation with seller resulting in a possible disclosure
  • Obvious presence (or presence of conditions) of wildlife, including snakes, coyotes, and javelina, among others
  • Security bars on all windows and doors (and perhaps on all of neighbors’ windows and doors)
  • Any type of stain on the ceiling, walls, or flooring
  • Water draining toward the property
  • Cracked or broken fencing or walls
  • Roof rat or other vermin traps on the property
  • Termite treatment drill holes in or around the property
  • Grey water draining into yard
  • A wash on or adjacent to the property
  • A vague answer on the SPDS
  • Insurance claims on the property
  • Obvious rust on any plumbing or water heater
  • Recent renovations or additions to the property
  • Obvious external factors such as power lines, very noisy dogs, low flying planes, or canals
  • Raised or missing roof shingles or tiles
  • A vacant lot for sale next door
  • A multitude of properties for sale in the same neighborhood
  • Dilapidated or leaning structures


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