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Selling Your Home? Declutter First!

If you are trying to sell your home, there’s no doubt one of the things you’ve heard most frequently is the importance of decluttering. Not only will decluttering help you sell your home faster, there is a good chance you’ll be able to sell for a higher price, as well! The bedroom. In the bedroom, use simple bedding that matches your wall color. Remove any personal items or clutter in the room. Appeal to both sexes by choosing a neutral paint color for the master bedroom. Using a gender neutral paint color allows you to immediately cast a wider net for your buyers, speeding up the sale. The kitchen. In the kitchen, you can paint your outdated cabinets, rather than replacing them. Or try installing … Read more

House Selling Checklist

Getting your house ready to put on the market can seem like a massive undertaking. From cleaning to staging, you might not know where to begin. In search of advice? Break each room into sections, and tackle the room head on. Living Room Use pillows and throw blankets to soften up the room. Clear off the coffee table. Store toys out of sight. Dining Room Clear off the dining table—only leave the centerpiece. Remove extra chairs from the table. Set the table with 4 to 6 place settings. Kitchen Clean the appliances—stove, oven, and microwave. Remove magnets from the refrigerator. Empty the trash can before each showing. Bedrooms Invest in new bedspreads if necessary. Remove distracting wall decor. Keep daily necessities in either bins, drawers, … Read more

Why Changing Things & Small Improvements Can Gain You Thousands

The housing market is more competitive price-wise than it’s ever been. It’s all on the seller to go the extra mile and make sure their house stands out from the rest. Renting out your property is a poor option for many reasons, but if you sell there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be doing these small things that can make you thousands of bucks. This book is a summary of all the extra steps you need to take to earn that extra money on the sale. These are proven methods to raise the price of your home. Staging and other strategies are all backed up by statistics that are going to prove how important these extra steps can be. These steps are going to improve … Read more

How to Sell Your Home for More Money…and Sell it Faster!

for sale by owner guide book cover

In the process of selling, you will spend an incredible amount of time holding shows for potential buyers. Unfortunately, many are not interested in buying your home. This wastes a lot of your time. The average home showing process takes 3-4 hours. Most owners show their home at least 8-10 times before making a sale. In some cases, it takes over 30 showings to find the right buyer! The average owner spends 24-40 hours of his or her life showing their home. It can easily take 80-120 hours to complete the process. Many homeowners will jump at the chance to show their home to anyone and everyone. When a buyer calls, they drop everything. This reactive approach is a big reason why it takes them … Read more

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