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Seller – Certified Pre-Listing Inspections

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A Valuable Sales Advantage

A Pre-Listing Inspection by a Certified Home Inspector can be invaluable. An increasing number of Sellers and real estate agents are choosing to have a certified Pre-Listing Inspection. It is something Garden Brook Realty highly recommends to our Sellers. Being able to market a home as Pre-Inspected by a Certified Home Inspector is a distinct advantage in a competitive real estate market, promoting confidence in Buyers and in savvy real estate agents searching for quality homes to show.

Smoother Escrow and Closing

When potential problems are uncovered, Sellers know upfront, without guesswork, what may need to be repaired or replaced. This allows them to choose which improvements to make and adjust the purchase price before posting the listing. Addressing all potential issues up front makes for a much smoother escrow and closing.

Buyer – Certified Home Inspections

Accurate Information for Sound Decisions

A majority of Buyers present their Purchase and Sale Agreements subject to a Home Inspection by a licensed and certified home inspector. They want to be able to make a fully informed decision regarding one of the most important purchases in their lifetime. A Certified Home Inspection is very thorough, evaluating the condition of the major systems and structural integrity of the property. Most inspectors also identify systems and areas that need to be monitored, repaired or replaced and make recommendations accordingly.

About the Inspection

As a rule, a Certified Home Inspection will take around 3 hours. It is highly recommended that the Buyer accompany the home inspector, in order to ask questions and become familiar with the systems in the home. As part of our personalized, on-hands service, your Garden Brook agent will always meet and accompany the home inspector during the Certified Home Inspection.

A Certified Home Inspection will normally include the following areas:

Home Systems Interior Exterior
Heating/Cooling Interior Walls Exterior Walls
Electrical Doors Siding
Plumbing Ceilings & Floors Roofing
Ventilation Fireplaces Eaves & Trim
  Attic Doors & Windows
  Basement & Crawl Spaces Foundation
  Built-in Appliances Deck, Porches & Patios

After the inspection has been completed, the inspector will work up a written report, detailing his findings, conclusions and recommendations. Quite often, they may include color photos and an easy-to-read Summary for easy reference. This may come in quite handy over the years when questions of home maintenance arise or if a remodel is planned.

At Garden Brook Realty, we’ve worked with most of the Home Inspection companies in the area. We can provide you with a list of reputable Certified Home Inspection companies; and we can often give you our professional assessment of home inspectors that have been suggested by friends, neighbors or business acquaintances.